Time to break the seal


Time to break the seal

As I’m writing this we’ve got about 12 months left before we head out with our cars on this 80s road trip. That may seem like a long time, but since I decided on exactly what I wanted to get, I knew I’d need as much time as possible. You see I’ve decided to build my own KITT car from Knight Rider. This will be an external only conversion and I won’t be getting into the dash with 3000 LEDs. Even so this isn’t something you can go buy (unless you bring about 17 check books with you). I have officially started my build with what might be the most distinguishable feature of a KITT car, the wheels. I did splurge a bit and get the more rare, but TV show accurate 15″ wheels as opposed to 14″. Now I need to get the hubcaps, the car, the nose, paint, and at least 500 other things.