NC Contingent “Pimp Mafia” Ride


1987 Lincoln Town Car (Signature Series), 73,000 miles, 5.0L (non-HO) motor, AOD 4spd trans, fully optioned. Old women parked it when the family told her it wasn’t safe for her to drive anymore. 6 months later her grandson got his license an inherited the car, installed some Ebay 20” wheels and a stereo. Got his first job saved for 6 months and traded it in on a 94 Honda Civic. The dealer told me he didn’t know what to do with the car it took up the space of 2-3 cars he normally sells. $1600 sealed the deal,
We looked a bunch of vehicles a conversion van, Camaro, Mustang, 944, Suburban, S-10 PU and a Malibu. Marlene wouldn’t go look at the car with me so we had to pick it up the next week. The fuel gauge read just below full, so I thought I’d fill it up and do a mileage check on the tour drive home. The gauge reads backwards ???, so the tank was almost empty, for a reason as we were about to find out. While checking the oil a flood of fuel engulfed the station. Someone had removed the sending unit and screwed up getting it back together so that it leaked when over half a tank. 10 min fix once back to the house.
I’ve been driving it to work some and we’ve taken a couple 250 mile road trips in it with no issues. Everything works and it run and rides as it should. We’re still working out the details for potential mods.


Entry #1

While we might not have acquired the first vehicle, we will be #1!  We are going period correct in a customized Dodge Van (yes, the people your mother warned you about) with a big ‘ol 440 cubic inch engine backed by the dependable 727 transmission.  Got the vintage mags, a spare tire on the rear, and lots of shag carpeting.



As you can see, this is the extended wheelbase Tradesman 200 (3/4 ton) and we’ve got a massive hitch on the back.  We’ll be sure to bring the tow rope 😉

The van had been largely forgotten in a shop in Oklahoma City since 1992, so we trailered in back to RennsportKC for its makeover into an 80’s road machine all over again!

The gas tank has been drained, carb rebuilt, new plugs and wires, and she’s running good. Oh, and it needs tires.  Rolling White Letters Out!