The list begins

So I’ve been taking inventory on the Z to figure out what I’ve got to get done. First, the critical stuff:
1. Sort out battery drain
2. Fix exhaust leak
3. Pull driver’s side door panel to replace door mirror

Have to order some parts, and already sourced a mirror in the wrong color – thanks Craigslist

Then on to the next phase of repairs:
4. Climate control vacuum leak
5. Replace rubber brake hoses and check pads
6. Shocks & struts
7. Find a steering wheel in better shape

I have removed the vintage aftermarket security system, changed the oil & filter, and replaced some dirty air filters. Also bought a bottle of Techron to run through it. Was asked about more pics – here you go:



Pretty neat all the stats you can find online about these cars. Yellow was the rarest color on an 85 IROC-Z with only 4,599 yellow cars produced in the whole Camaro line-up that year. Would be interesting to see how many yellow IROC-Z’s had the conteur custom cloth too.


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