The Nicholson Contribution

When choosing a car for the trip, I wanted to get away from my ever predictable Ford roots.  I even test drove a 1981 Corvete.  That, of course, drove me right back into the familiar arms of my one true love : The 1985 Mustang GT!

THE 1985 Mustang GT

I was quite lucky in finding a low mileage survivor car for exceptional money.  It had 27,015 miles, and it drove and looked the part.  The owner had set about changing belts, hoses, and other items that had been aging poorly.  I got it with the original wheels and Gatorback tires.  Of course, the best description of driving on those would be “chunky” at highway speeds!

I went with new, period correct looking, 16″ wheels and tires, and I set about finishing up the things that had not yet been updated to make this a great driving car.  So far we have repaired/replaced:

Front and rear springs, shocks, and struts 

New aftermarket carburetor – the original has some issues I haven’t been able to sort out yet so I opted for some easier driveability 

Charged the AC with R12, and she blows 42 degrees out of the vents

Replaced the distributor as the original seemed to have some issues with advance hurting the driveability.  I went with a Performance Distributors custom curved Duraspark unit so it plugs into the car’s Motorsport MSD box!

I have done other small replacement items just to make it like new!

Interesting items on the car: 

The car came with a Paxton supercharger and all of the accompanying hardware.  The blower was on the car from 1986 until 2012 when the person I bought it from put it all back to stock.  Still debating on the reinstall!

Since I have owned it, I have received two first in class show awards.  She’s a looker! 


Cruise Night

More to come!




Bringing a little realism…

It’s the 80s and you don’t have a mullet–in fact, you’re genetically incapable of developing one.

Which, when it comes to buying an automobile, limits your choices. Face it, you’re forbidden to buy a Camaro or Firebird without one. You could possibly buy a Mustang, but you can only drive one of those if you own a pair of cowboy boots. A Corvette? Perhaps, but that requires an investment in jewelry and, well, some people don’t like to use hairspray on their chest hair.

Your domestic choices gone, you notice that some of your friends and coworkers are really enjoying their little BMWs. But they bought them over a year ago, and all the things you said at that party about their lifestyle choices would really come back to haunt you. A Mercedes? You’re not dead yet. Hmmm.

Ah, yes. The Swedes. Nope, a SAAB is only driven by those weird IT nerds; you need something more. Something more. . .square.

And so, I present to you, 80’s answer to male pattern baldness. The Volvo 740GLE.

photo 4

photo 1

Volvo: the shape of cars for bald men.

New addition

What other car approaches Volvo’s standards indeed…


The 1988 740 GLE – 1 owner 65k miles time warp. This may be it’s first night outside…ever!


With the Burney “2 thumbs up” approval!

I’ll let the new owner provide more details


After guilting Mr. Burney into replacing the roundels on his center caps on the 318i:


I had to do something about the IROC-Z wheels:


New GM licensed Restoration parts arrived, the new and old shot:


And done!