Oregon Trail Team Update

Disaster in Butte, Montana:


My cassette adapter, allowing me to play 80s tunes from my iPhone, was destroyed during an auto-eject on power-off function. For the remainder of the day, I had to use the radio for my tunes–not so good in the mountains.

Other than that, the day went very well. For some reason, I woke up at 4:30 am–and since I was wide awake decided to go ahead and get an early start. On the road at 5:00am, I made it to my original stop for the night, Spokane, Washington, at 11:15 (Pacific–I gained an hour.)

Since check-in time at the hotel was at 4, it didn’t make much sense to just hang out around town, so I cancelled my reservation, filled up my gas tank, and headed for home. I hit Portland at 5pm and sat in traffic for about 20 minutes. But after the wait, I was soon bounding down I-5 and made it home in time for dinner.

The car was great–used absolutely no oil and averaged 25mpg over the 2,327 mile trip, most of it in mountainous regions. Total weight loss for the driver (a vegetarian passing through South Dakota): 4 lbs.


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