Home! Days 7 & 8

I didn’t have much of a chance to post yesterday because we had a long run to Belleville, KS from Estes Park. The Mustang was acting up again, so while Randy waited for a tow, the Camaro and KITT headed east. Team BMW and team Top-Down (911) had left earlier that morning to get back to KC. We took our time along Hwy 34 & 36, picking up Trey & the Town Car where 34 meets 76. Shortly after that, Randy let us know he was on the road, so we connected in Norton, KS. Found a Dairy Queen, a tourist attraction and a playground to entertain ourselves as we waited.


We arrived at our destination at dusk – the geographical center of the contiguous United States near Lebanon, KS:


During this stop, Steve informed Randy parts were falling off the Mustang – later today Randy speculated it was a flashlight the shop used during the fuel pump swap, and it took a shock bolt cover out when it departed the car.

We made a high speed run in the dark to Bel Villa Steakhouse to get a late dinner before they closed.


Great restaurant if you’re in the area.

Today it was a more leisurely pace, but KITT took off on his own route, so it was just the Camaro, Mustang and Town Car – we had lunch in Manhattan:


A total of 2, 200 miles door to door in an 85 Camaro! The TPI engine returned consistent MPG in the 21-23 range regardless of what we were doing. Cruise Control was a blessing on the long, flat & straight roads these last two days to keep our group out of trouble.

Saw a lot of sites in a short amount of time with a wonderful group of friends & family – can’t wait for the next one!


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