And so we begin another adventure

It’s been a while since we have done a proper road trip.  The last was in 2010 and was coined as the Vintage Road Trip. It took us the Grand Canyon and back with a 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood and a 1974 Super Beetle. For those of you who missed the fun enjoy the blog we made along the way. www.vintageroadtrip2010.com.  This time around the theme is the 80s! We’ll be drinking New Coke, playing with nifty new electronic gadgets and possibly even making a phone call with a cellular telephone. Crazy!

Currently the scheduled departure is sometime in 2014. This gives multiple people ample time to purchase an 80s car and get it roadworthy. For those curious as to the rules (and to review for others) we’re looking at cars that truly epitomize the 80s. Each person or couple will purchase their own car or truck at hopefully a good price. And that’s the important part because upon return from the road trip everyone will sell their car and, again hopefully, break even.  If money is made on the sale even better! As we’re somewhat of a mechanically inclined group we can buy our 80s car that may need a little TLC and do the work ourselves.  Once roadworthy and cleaned up the goal is to not lose money once returning from the trip and selling the car.

It has been recorded in the past that a person (or couple) that buys a car specifically for a road trip has become rather attached to their car. After returning from the adventure the car was not sold and thus continues to illustrate the point of not buying a car you plan on selling afterword.  If worst case scenario plays out and you’re stuck with the car after the road trip, don’t buy the first example you see. 😉

So to recap. An 80s car or truck that cost a few thousand (or whatever you want to spend). Once purchased spend some extra money on parts, TLC, etc. Do the work yourself to save on labor. Make the car roadworthy. Go on the road trip (sometime at the beginning or end of summer 2014). Return and sell car and hopefully break even or better. Most importantly have fun!

At this point nobody has purchased a car. So follow along from the beginning as everyone starts the search for their perfect 80s car. It’s going to be totally rad!


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