NC Contingent “Pimp Mafia” Ride


1987 Lincoln Town Car (Signature Series), 73,000 miles, 5.0L (non-HO) motor, AOD 4spd trans, fully optioned. Old women parked it when the family told her it wasn’t safe for her to drive anymore. 6 months later her grandson got his license an inherited the car, installed some Ebay 20” wheels and a stereo. Got his first job saved for 6 months and traded it in on a 94 Honda Civic. The dealer told me he didn’t know what to do with the car it took up the space of 2-3 cars he normally sells. $1600 sealed the deal,
We looked a bunch of vehicles a conversion van, Camaro, Mustang, 944, Suburban, S-10 PU and a Malibu. Marlene wouldn’t go look at the car with me so we had to pick it up the next week. The fuel gauge read just below full, so I thought I’d fill it up and do a mileage check on the tour drive home. The gauge reads backwards ???, so the tank was almost empty, for a reason as we were about to find out. While checking the oil a flood of fuel engulfed the station. Someone had removed the sending unit and screwed up getting it back together so that it leaked when over half a tank. 10 min fix once back to the house.
I’ve been driving it to work some and we’ve taken a couple 250 mile road trips in it with no issues. Everything works and it run and rides as it should. We’re still working out the details for potential mods.